Up to now, the Annual General Meeting has been the main forum for those affected by Turner Syndrome to meet each other. Following suggestions from attendees over the last year or two, the TCGI committee is now in the process of forming some social groups for our members. 

We hope to set up age-appropriate groups: one for adults, one for teenagers and a group for parents of children with Turner Syndrome.


Does your daughter have Turner Syndrome ?

We would like to set up a Parents of Turner’s children social group.  The idea is to have interested parents meet socially every few months to discuss issues they encounter with their daughters.  

We hope this get together will be a fun, supportive, and informative night out.  We can select a venue that is centrally located or vary the venue from meeting to meeting as convenient.   

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact NANCY by clicking HERE


Interested in forming a Teen Club ?

The feedback from the teenagers who attended last year’s AGM was that they would like to have a social group for teens with Turner’s.  We do not yet have anyone to lead this group, which we hope will be run as more of a teen club.  

If you are interested in leading or joining this committee please contact us HERE


Girls night out anyone ?

In response to interest at recent AGM’s, we are planning to form a social group for adult women with Turner’s.  

Again the intention is to get together socially and provide support to one another.  

If you are interested in joining this group please contact CHRISTINE by clicking HERE

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